My Low Sodium Recipes

These recipes are of my own creations. Please feel free to use these as you need. I have included the amounts of ingredients I have used, but also the sodium amounts per 100grms for each ingredient. If you alter the ingredient amounts, you will need to use this formula to work out the sodium. Take the sodium amount per 100grms, and divide it by 100. Then multiple it by the amount you have used in grams. eg. I have used 568grm of Chicken Breast. Chicken Breast has 41mg sodium per 100grm of product. So 41 divided by 100 = .41. Now take this figure and multiply it by the 568grm of chicken I have used. .41 x 568 = 232.8mg sodium. All of the sodium amounts have been taken from nutritional panels where available. All other sodium amounts have been taken from the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards NUTTAB 2010 Online Searchable Database.
Please respect me enough, that if you post my recipes on another site, or pass on these recipes to your friends, acknowledge where it has come from. :) Thanks and enjoy 

WHOOPS, Forgot to add directions. LOL. I just copied and pasted it from my food diary. 

Beef Goulash
500grms beef blade cubed                                            (275mg, 55mg/100g)
Two medium onions 280g                                             (30.8mg, 11mg/100grm)
2 tsp mined garlic 10g                                                   (1.4mg, 14mg/100g)
4 bay leaves                                                                 (no data available)
¼ cup plain flour 44g                                                    (.8mg, 2mg/100g)
Na: TOTAL 308mg
Serves 4
Na: per serve 77mg
+ Safeway Homebrand Spiral Pasta                              (38mg/100g )

Step 1:
            In a freezer bag add flour and beef, twist top and shake to coat beef in flour.
Step 2:
            With a light spray of oil in a non-stick frying pan, brown meat in small batches. Don’t stress if brown residue sticks on the pan. That helps with flavour. Transfer meat to a lrg saucepan or pressure cooker.
Step 3:
            Cook onions and garlic in frypan until translucent.
Step 4:
            Pour water into frypan and scrape off any residue off the bottom of the pan while water boils. Once all the residue is off the bottom, tip all of the ingredients into your pot with your meat.
Step 5:
            I use a pressure cooker to cook mine, so fill pressure cooker 2/3 with water. Place on lid, locking in place and cook for 1 hour. Once 1 hr is over, release pressure and check goulash. At this point if it’s too watery still you can leave the lid off and boil it down. Sauce will thicken as it reduces due to flour coating on meat. Pour over pasta.

            If not using a pressure cooker place on stove and cook for an hour on medium heat, or two hours on lo. Check the water levels, add more water if needed. This I have also made in my slow cooker. Follow steps 1-4 and then place in slow cooker in morning and cook for 6-8 hrs on low.
Chicken, Mushroom and Leek Risotto    
When I made this recipe I misread the instructions on the Massal low sodium chicken stock. It states to use 1tsp of powder to two cups water. I have made this recipe with 2tsp stock powder to 2 cups water. so I have provided you with both sodium amounts for you to use either depending on preference.
Chicken Breast 568grm                                                (232.8mg, 41mg/100grm)
Aborio rice 2 cups 382grms                                          (19.1mg,  5mg/100grm)
One whole leek, 242grms                                             (36.3mg, 15mg/100grm)
Mushrooms 200grms                                                    (16mg, 8mg/100grm)
Massels low sodium chicken stock                                (6tsp 1008,134mg/100ml)
Water 6 cups                                                                (45mg, 3mg/100ml as average throughout Australia)
Garlic minced 1 tsp (5g)                                                (0.7mg, 14mg/100g)
Olive oil 1tbl                                                                 (0mg/100g)                                                                             
NA TOTAL:    1357.9 (853.9)

Serves 4.
Na per serve: 339.4mg (213.4)

Step 1:
            Clean and chop leek into small pieces. Chop mushrooms and chicken breast.  Dry fry chicken in a non stick frying pan. Remove chicken to another dish, set aside and cook garlic, leek and mushrooms until softened. Add to chicken, set aside.  In a separate pot add 6 cups boiling water and 3 (or 6 depending on taste) tsp of Massel Low sodium chicken stock. Bring to boil.
Step 2:
            In frying pan heat oil, once oil is hot add Arborio rice. Stir until rice is hot. Once rice is hot, add 1/3 boiling stock to frying pan, and agitate the pan (holding the handle lightly shake the pan back and forward over the flame) until the stock is mostly absorbed. Repeat until all the stock is used and risotto is thick and creamy consistency. If rice is not cooked enough through add some water to the mix allowing it to absorb as before.
Step 3:
            Add back to frying pan your chicken leek and mushroom mix. Stir through rice and serve. 

Chow Ming
500g Beef Mince                                                          (275mg, 55mg/100g)
Cabbage (1kg)                                                             (150mg, 15mg/100g)
Carrots 2 med  (250g, est)                                            (100mg, 40mg/100g)
Onion 1 lrg (280g)                                                        (30.8mg, 11mg/100grm)
Curry 2 tsp (10g)                                                          (5.2mg, 52mg/100g)    
Garlic 1tsp (5)                                                              (0.7mg, 14mg/100g)
Massel Low Sodium Chicken stock  (3tsp)                   (3tsp: 504,134mg/100ml)
Rice 1 1/3 cup (273g)                                                   (13.6mg, 5mg/100g)
TOTAL                                                                        1078.6

Serves 4
(269.6) per serve

Step 1:
            Fry onion and garlic until onion is translucent. Add curry powder and fry until fragrant.
Step 2: Add mince and cook until browned. Add diced carrot and cabbage stir. Make up stock, 3tsp stock powder to 1500ml boiling water. Add stock to pot.
Step 3: Cook chow ming on med heat with lid on for 1 hr. Add rice and cook on low with lid on until rice is coked. Took me about 25minutes. 

Potato and Zucchini Bake
Potato (800g)                                                               (32mg, 4mg/100gr)
Zuchini (500)                                                                (5mg, 1mg/100g)
Safeway Homebrand Lite milk 2cups (500ml)               (215mg, 43mg/100g)
Safeway Homebrand Sourcream (200g)                        (42mg, 21mg/100g)
2 egg (58g each)                                                           (155mg, 134mg/100g)
Massal Salt Reduced chicken stock 1tsp                       (168mg, 134mg/100ml)
Safeway HomeBrand Mozzerella (100grm)                   (417mg, 417mg/100g)
TOTAL: 1034mg

Serves 6
(172.3mg) per serve. 

Step 1:
            Heat oven to 180degree celcius. Peel potato and slice thinly, slice zucchini thinly.
Step 2:
            In a jug place sourcream and eggs, whisk until combined, then slowly add milk whisking until combined.
Step 3:
            Lightly spray a baking tray with spray oil. Lay out one layer of potato evenly across bottom, then one layer of zucchini. Pour a little sauce mix from your jug. Repeat until all the potato and zucchini is used up. Pour remaining sauce mixture over top, and give the pan a little bump on the counter. Makes the sauce distribute evenly through the dish.
Step 4:
            Cover tray with foil and bake in over for 1 hour, or until a knife can be poked through the dish easily. At this point, take off foil, and cover to in mozzarella, place dish back in over, cook for a further 15minutes.

I found when I made this my dish was a little watery from the zucchini so you can always cook it covered for 30minutes, uncovered for 30min, then add cheese and cook uncovered for 15 to melt/brown the cheese. This allows the water to evaporate.

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